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ZM Technik - Industry and Automation

We are a Festo Certified Partner.

Goods in stock & fast delivery.

Pneumatic components - Mechanical components - Sensors - Electro-components

ZM Technik, your reliable partner for over years.


Briefly about FESTO

Briefly about Festo:

Festo is a leading global supplier of automation technology and a leader in industrial education.

As a Festo Certified Partner, we offer products and systems for pneumatic and electrical control in the field of process automation.
The offer includes pneumatic, servopneumatic and electric actuators, valves, wiring, sensors, intelligent compact cameras, controllers, compressed air conditioning and monitoring systems, as well as connection technology.

Catalogues & Production Program Overviews

Novinky 2019
   Highlights 2019 (18,7 MB)

   Neuheiten 2019 (18,8 MB)

   Nowości 2018/2019 (12 MB)

   Novedades 2019 (18,7 MB)

Type: pdf

Language Versions:
English, German, Polish, Spanish.

Priemyselná automatizácia - Pneumatické a elektrické komponenty
   Automation Technology (66,3 MB)

   Elemente der Automatisierungstechnik (66,4 MB)

   Automatyka przemysłowa (66,4 MB)

   Elementos de la técnica de automatización (66,6 MB)

   Индустриальная автоматизация (64,1 MB)

Due to size we recommend downloading.
Type: pdf

Language Versions:
English, German, Polish, Spanish, Russian.

Prehľad produktov
   Product overview (13.5 MB)

   Produktübersicht 2019 (15.3 MB)

   Guía de productos (13.5 MB)

   フエスト製品案内 (9.3 MB)

   Product Overview 2018 (14 MB)

Type: pdf

Language Versions:
English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean.


Základný sortiment
   Core Product Range (1,7 MB)

   Kernprogramm (1,7 MB)

   Podstawowy program produkcyjny (1,9 MB)

   Gama básica (1,7 MB)

Prevádzkové podmienky a štandardy v pneumatike (0,3 MB)
   Operating conditions and standards in pneumatics

   Betriebsbedingungen und Normen in der Pneumatik

   Condiciones de funcionamiento y normas en neumática

   Safety@Festo (0,3 MB)

   Sicherheit@Festo (0,3 MB)

Type: pdf

Language Versions:
English, German, Polish, Spanish.

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